Sunday, January 2, 2011

Something New

Well it's the start of another year (and technically, a new decade - what are we calling this one?). So, time for another venture. As many of you know, I have been unemployed for quite a while now. I moved back to New York, from Las Vegas, in search of more plentiful opportunities, but my thoughts are now leading me in a somewhat different direction. This is likely to be the year of the personal brand. With many folks in similar situations as I, there will likely be many headfirst dives into the world of entrepreneurship and solo practitioner-ship (a new term - I coined it first). This trend, combined with the proliferation of social media and other technological tools, will give rise to a revolution in personal branding. Be it through launching new companies, blogging, publishing e-books, public speaking, or what have you, people all over are going to be finding new ways of communicating what it means to experience a business relationship with them.

I, for one, will be launching a marketing consulting practice and associated business & marketing blog. One of the first steps in establishing my personal brand is choosing a logo for my company, enthcast Marketing & Consulting. To that end, I am running a competition on a Web site called 99designs, where an array of artists worldwide have submitted their design ideas based on my instructions. I have narrowed the field down to my Top 8 choices, which are viewable below. If you click on the VOTE NOW button, it will take you to the voting page, where you can rate and comment on each selection. This process will help me get an idea of how the masses would subconsciously react to each of these logos, were I to choose them. Think about who you would want giving you marketing guidance if you were the owner of a small to medium-sized business. The more votes logged, the more significant the results will be, so your participation is greatly appreciated! Happy New Year everyone, and may your new adventures be as prosperous as I hope mine will be.

Custom Logo Design at 99designs