Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 210 Songs of the Decade 180-151

OK, time for the next 30 songs on my Top 210 countdown. There are actually 11 songs here that got some measure of airplay, and some other names that might be recognizable to people other than me. For some of the more obscure ones, I added some info.

180. Liz Phair - Extraordinary
179. Better Than Ezra - Lifetime
178. The Donnas - Who Invited You
177. Suzie McNeil - Believe (contestant on Rock Star: INXS)
176. Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (80's hard rock)
175. The Damnwells - Accidental Man (modern rock band from Brooklyn, NY)
174. Gamma Ray - Lake of Tears (offshoot of 80's hard rock band, Helloween)
173. Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
172. Seventh Day Slumber - Caroline (Christian rock band)
171. Avril Lavigne - Runaway
170. Fountains of Wayne - Someone to Love
169. Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (80's hard rock)
168. Stryper - Rain (80's Christian hard rock)
167. Lapdog - See You Again (offshoot of Toad the Wet Sprocket)
166. Vertical Horizon - Forever
165. Boston - You Gave Up on Love
164. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (modern rock)
163. The Exies - My Goddess (modern rock)
162. Avril Lavigne - Sk8r Boi
161. Train - Cab
160. Alice Cooper - Triggerman
159. Trust Company - Stronger (modern rock)
158. Puddle of Mudd - Psycho
157. Seventh Day Slumber - Caroline (Christian rock band)
156. On - Revolution (one of several bands fronted by Ken Andrews, who appears solo later a cross between Beck and Weezer)
155. The Nadas - Life Becomes Me (modern folky rock)
154. Stryper - Make You Mine (80's Christian hard rock)
153. Pet Shop Boys - Minimal
152. Josh Groban - You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
151. Will Owsley - Psycho (not the same song as Puddle of Mudd - great pop/rock singer who hasn't released too much, but has played with Amy Grant and Shania Twain)

More to come next week...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top 210 Songs of the Decade

Well, it's that time again folks....when everyone makes their lists of top crap of the decade. OK, well maybe not everyone. And yeah, there is that stuff about the decade actually starting with '01, but screw that. Here, in this post, is the tail end of my 210 songs of the 00's. Why 210? For starters, this is an amount that sufficiently illustrates what a gigantic nerd I am. Secondly, there are 7 Sundays remaining in the 00's, and 210 is evenly divisible by 7 (wow, he knows music AND math). So, starting now, I will post 30 songs each week until this exercise in torturing your eyes and your minds is finally over. When it's all done, you will have learned absolutely nothing, except that I have incredibly weird, random, and sometimes obscure taste in music. And likely, how little you care.

A few notes about my "countdown." First, it's awesome. I don't care what other Top of the Decade lists are out there...mine is the best. Secondly, I pretty much stuck to songs that were commercially released as singles to radio or appeared on film or TV. Because of my obscure tastes, some of my favorite artists don't technically release singles, so I just chose the songs I wanted...because I can do that. I made a few exceptions and included songs that were not singles even if the act released singles...because I can do that too. Also, I'm refraining from commenting on the's just a list...otherwise we'd be here forever.

Number of songs from this year that appear on the list: 6.
Act with the most entries on the list: Live and Glen Phillips (tie), 5 each.
Artist with most overall appearances on the list: Mike Garrigan (4 solo, 4 as singer of Collapsis, 1 as member of Athenaeum).
Number of cover songs on the list: 9.
Only song that appears as both an original and a cover: "Run" by Snow Patrol (original) and Leona Lewis (cover).
Number of entries from American Idol contestants: 5.

I'm sure I could come up with more stats, but I'm tired. So here we go. #210-#181...

210. Iron Maiden - Different World
209. Phil Wickham - Grace
208. Marjorie Fair - Empty Room
207. The Tories - Time For You
206. Linkin Park - In the End
205. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
204. Soul Asylum - Stand Up and Be Strong
203. Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me
202. Crowded House - Don't Stop Now
201. Cold - Stupid Girl
200. Snow Patrol - Hands Open
199. The Veronicas - Everything I'm Not
198. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
197. Josh Rouse - Directions
196. Enuff Z'Nuff - Sanibel Island
195. Eve 6 - Here's to the Night
194. Suzie McNeil - Broken & Beautiful
193. Trust Company - Downfall
192. Midnight Oil - Say Your Prayers
191. Fountains of Wayne - Maureen
190. Better Than Ezra - Our Last Night
189. I Nine - Seven Days of Lonely
188. Daughtry - Home
187. Edwin McCain - The Kiss
186. Seether - The Gift
185. Curt Kirkwood - Beautiful Weapon
184. The Offspring - Can't Get My Head Around You
183. Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body
182. Dishwalla - Above the Wreckage
181. Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

Stay tuned for more next week...I know you're excited.